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As some are aware, many are being lead astray by man's opinion of what will happen during the prophecied 1000 years. This is due to the fact that this method of deception worked well for Satan 2000 year ago. It's like the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Since it worked so well 2000 years ago, he is using it again today. Back then, the Jews believed when Messiah came He would bring world peace and reign on Earth putting an end to Roman rule. The prophecies of Messiah's arrival and work to be performed while here were so twisted out of context they did not recognize Jesus or the prophecies He was fulfilling before and after His arrival. Sad fact is, the exact same thing is happening today! The people are so busy watching for what the false preachers are predicting for Christ's soon return that all the real prophecies are being ignored. Most Christians are expecting Christ to return, cause world peace, and reign on Earth for 1000 years to end Roman rule once again. But does the Bible really say that? Or has Satan once again been able to twist the prophecies so far out of context so as to cause the masses to be watching for the wrong fulfilments he has created to make his (antichrist's) arrival appear valid? Truth is, we know prophecy says Satan will personate Christ and act as if he has come to bring world peace. What amazes me and many students of prophecy is, most Christians know this! But they don't put two and two together to see that Satan has taken his prophecied arrival as Antichrist, and made it appear to be the prophecied arrival of the REAL Christ.

So.. what does the Bible say about the 1000 years? Is it really the time Jesus will reign on Earth in blissful peace? Or is something far different about to happen?

The 1000 years begins with a resurrection of the RIGHTEOUS. This is the first resurrection. 

According to this prophecy, the wicked will not be alive during this 1000 years as Satan has been able to convince billions. The Bible bluntly says they won't live until the 1000 years are over.

That's two different resurrections being noted here by John. Plus, the Bible states these two are separated by 1000 years of time rather bluntly. So,  how does the 1000 years begin according to the Bible?


  1. The second coming:

As most of us know. It starts with the second coming. Even those that misunderstand prophecy know this. Problem is, they miss certain Biblical and prophetic aspects of what occurs during the 1000 years that allows for false prophecies to be embraced by the general population as you will soon see.

  2. Resurrection of the righteous:

First the dead Christians are raised. Then...

  3. Translation of the righteous living:

The righteous living are changed (the 144,000) from mortal to immortal as was stated in 1 Corinthians 15:53. And then we go up in the air with Jesus. Many preachers of today think Jesus will descend to the Earth at this time and set up His kingdom on earth to reign for 1000 years. However, the Bible doesn't say that at all. In fact, what does happen to those that don't go with Jesus...?

  4. Wicked living are slain:

Some of you that frequent the POGM Conferences may remember this next verse being one we discussed many times before wherein Jesus tells the Apostles exactly where the wicked will be at the time the Christians leave with Him.

Rather blunt isn't it? We will get back to this one later.

So.. what is the final sign that signifies the beginning of the 1000 years?

  5. Satan bound:

   Bound = the same as saying "I'm all tied up, I can't go with you." It's circumstances that will bind the Devil for the 1000 years. Reason this is true is, do you recall how the man possessed with "Legion" in Mark chapter five was able to snap chains that bound him in the graveyard outside of town? If a mere flesh and blood man has the ability to snap chains with Satan's help, then nothing could bind Satan in this manner either, EXCEPT a removal of the ability to do as he wishes. Like those of us that are "all tied up" with work and unable to go someplace we desire. So, , and what are these circumstances that bind Satan from doing as he desires for the 1000 years?

He can't tempt anyone because they are all DEAD! They are BIRD FOOD!

   Remember what this angel said earlier?

   By the way... Will the birds be done eating?

  What will we be doing for those 1000 years?

We will be reigning with Christ and doing the work of the judgment. But, why do you suppose the saints judge the world? Some may proclaim, "I thought Jesus did the judgment?" I say, CORRECT, and we are REIGNING with Him right now aren't we? Picture yourself in Heaven looking for someone you thought was a Christian, and finally realizing they are not there. Will you now go through eternity thinking about why your loved one isn't there? This judgment work we do is two fold...

   (1.) It vindicates the Lord IN OUR HEARTS, exposing the lies of hell.
   (2.) It proves the Lord gave our loved one EVERY opportunity to join us in Heaven. 

You ARE reading their life's book aren't you? You have all the proof before you. You now know first hand that Jesus did do everything He said He would to help your loved one gain Heaven, and your loved one denied Him DAILY! The Lord opens the books so you can see with your own eyes that they did in fact ignore Him. And then finally you come to the conclusion, it is not His fault. Jesus has been vindicated. You now have rock hard evidence they chose Hell of their own free will.

So, what happens at the end of the 1000 years?


  1. The wicked are raised:

That's ALL the wicked being raised here. From Cain to the last sinner. Literally billions upon billions the world over are alive now. Think of it! It's not going to be a fun place by any means. PLUS, they will not be in glorified bodies as you will soon see. So if they died deaf, dumb, blind or crippled, they awaken deaf, dumb, blind or crippled as well. 

   2. Satan is set free:

   3. New Jerusalem comes to earth:

     Want to know where it will settle down?

   4. All the wicked are destroyed:

Why did the wicked surround the city? Why not just leave us be? Why not leave and go someplace else away far from the city? There's a reason they want to get in that city. In this resurrection the Bible does not say they are resurrected "whole" or with "immortality" like the Christians were 1000 years ago. In the first resurrection, those Christians that die blind, awaken with sight, those that die deaf, awaken hearing, those that died lame, awaken walking. The second resurrection doesn't have these wondrous miracles because these wicked never trusted Christ, nor are they in the city where there is something growing that heals the nations throughout eternity.

Fact is, the "tree of life" that was once in Eden is now in the midst of New Jerusalem. 

The wicked are riddled with all sorts of aliments. They crave that tree! Could it be they seek the tree of life so as to continue living forever in sin? Yes, this is their mindset, however, it is written they won't be allowed to allow sin to reign again... 

Instead, theirs is the Great White Throne Executive judgment that is about to occur that will put an end to all sin. When they come against the city to try and kill those inside and take the tree of life We read this... 

In front of every single human that ever lived a sobering scene will be played out. All the righteous in the city, and all the wicked outside the city will witness a grand view of the plan of salvation as the Great God stands before them. The righteous will not have to deal with the same executive judgment of the wicked for it is written...

But the wicked trusted in their works alone to gain Heaven. They had no faith in Jesus to save them. So it is by their works they will be judged, because they proclaimed they didn't need a Saviour. Since sin will not be allowed in Heaven, they must now be judged by their works alone. No Saviour will stand by their side to proclaim their sins forgiven due to His act on Calvary. The wicked never trusted or bowed to Christ as Lord. HOWEVER, regardless of their obstinacy through life, they will bow to Him this day!

The problem is, the wicked will get up off their knees and try to take the city by force so as to gain eternal life, but they are stopped dead in their tracks...

There is no resurrection from this death. Only those that took part in the "first" resurrection shall live on from this point forward. It is this death that is the permanent death. It is here the saying the "God of the living" is realized in reality. For the righteous WILL be living for eternity, and the wicked shall be dead for eternity. After their bodies turn to ash, and the fire burns out, and all the wicked, Satan, his angels, death, and hell are burned to ashes. What do the righteous do that day?

That's right! We will actually walk on the ashes of the dead! How does that line up with the false preachers doctrine stating there is eternal life in Hellfire? Not very well does it? (click here to see ALL the verses about Hellfire that the false preachers never share) There is a reason Satan has made people to believe they will live on in Hell. He needed loyal followers that would do his bidding thinking they would reign with him. This is how the "church of Satan" came to be. These Satanists actually believe Satan will be alive in Hell as ruler. But your Bible proves otherwise.

   5. Earth made brand new:

Earth will then be the home of the Almighty Godhead. His children will be about Him. And Heaven will be on earth.

 Bottom line...

The wicked are BOUND in the same chain of circumstances as is Satan. They are also unable to continue in sin for those 1000 years as much as Satan is unable to tempt them to sin. And as this verse implies, they are bound in bundles TO BURN THEM. According to Scripture, they will be burned when all is said and done. 

  • Matthew 13:41-42, "The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;  And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
  •  Matthew 13:49-50, "So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,  And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
  • Those that preach Jesus will reign ON EARTH 1000 years preach a weak Jesus. How so? As you just learned, the Word says near the end of the 1000 years, Satan is allowed to rule on earth again for a "little season." He then surrounds the city of Heaven to attack us. This means Jesus was defeated for a time. However, if you adhere to the truth laid out in God's Word wherein the Saints are already ruling with Christ in New Jerusalem for the 1000 years, it then makes perfect sense that as they descend from above to take the earth from Satan, he surrounds the city to try and stop them from keeping the city he seeks to own. He of course dies along with all his followers in the attempt.

    By the way.. this lie of the churches today that Jesus Christ will come to end all the corrupted governments to set up His kingdom on earth for 1000 of peace was prophesied to be preached today. It was first preached 2000 years ago by the Pharisees so as to make many unready for the arrival of Messiah, the same lie is being preached today to make many unready for His return. Who prophesied they would do this? Click here to find out.

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